Visual Art

The sacred is within us and around us, in our experience on this earth. My work is an expression of my awareness of the sacred in my own life; each work a devotional image to a memory. My most recent cycle of work is centered around an attempt to hold on to a conception of my environment and my place within this rapidly changing reality.  The relationship of dual natures, especially that of natural/manmade, past/present and epiphany/doomsday are at the forefront of my exploration.

Many of these oil paintings and mixed media sculptures are inspired by my hometown of Hollywood, Florida: a city that has a history that only spans about one hundred years, but one that has experienced dramatic change in that short period of time. Each work in this South Florida-based series begins with a memory – either mine or a shared memory from someone else longing to reconnect to the past. I visit and research the site, and often show the finished work with collected relics of the site in its heyday. I strive to give these places their history back, and the memories a place to exist.

For more information about my recent works, please visit Land of Sunshine (IS Projects).